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Terms and Conditions - Updated February 2024 
Lessons for pupils in full-time education  
Lessons are offered 44 weeks of the year, with a guarantee of at least 32 weekly sessions within term-time.  
There is a minimum annual commitment of 36 lessons, so several will fall outside of term time.  
Lessons are payable in advance. 
Invoices are issued 5 times per year.  
Alternatively, the cost of lessons can be divided across the whole year, with a monthly fee charged, equivalent to three lessons.  
Lessons which are missed, or cancelled during term-time, will be forfeited, except :  
Once per term, given at least seven days' notice, a lesson may be rescheduled into the subsequent school holiday.  
Adult Learners and post-Grade 8 students. 
Weekly and fortnightly lessons are available.  
Lessons are offered 44 weeks of the year.  
There is a minimum annual commitment of 36 weekly lessons or 18 fortnightly lessons. 
Fortnightly lessons are only available in 45 and 60 minute sessions. 
Payment is to be made in advance, at the time of booking the session. 
Alternatively lessons can be booked in series of 7 and paid for in advance.  
There will be no refunds for any cancellation at less than 72 hours notice. 
Given seven days' notice, I will always endeavour to rearrange a lesson within the same week, though with a full teaching schedule, this cannot be guaranteed.  
When a specific time is reserved on a regular basis, I reserve the right to charge for that slot, whether or not the student attends.  
I reserve the right to terminate lessons or to charge a retainer fee if the minimum lesson requirement is not met.  
If I have to cancel a lesson, I will endeavour to reschedule as soon as possible.  
Students are expected to attend regularly and punctually at the time arranged. 
Students must have access to a suitable instrument, which is properly maintained (i.e. tuned regularly) or a touch-sensitive electronic keyboard or digital piano with weighted keys, on which to practise. A chair of appropriate height and quiet place to work are also beneficial.  
I require four weeks' notice if a student wishes to cease tuition, or in the event of wishing to miss any lessons to fulfil school exam commitments.  
The first four lessons will be on a trial basis, where payment is made on the day. This allows time for both parties to assess their readiness and willingness to commit on a permanent basis.  
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